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East Bay Stump Removal

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Matthew responded immediately to my inquiry, cared about what I was saying, came out to look at the site (saying that he couldn't quote accurately without doing that) and gave me detailed information and support on what I needed.  Unfortunately, in order to use his services I would have had to ask my neighbor to take down her retaining wall so I wasn't able to get my stump out.  Still, it's fair to give five stars based on my experience with Matthew, who was 100% professional and way better than others who don't respond or tell you they can do the job only to leave it half-finished.
--Laura W --

Excellent and quick work! Prices are great and either equal to or cheaper than renting a stump grinder and best of all you dont have to do the work and worry about damaging your own property. This is a job for the experts to handle.
--Janine F - Pleasant Hill, CA--

Mathew did a great job grounding out the basketball size stump from a tree I had cut down. I left him a check and it was done when I came home from work. The price was fair, no utilities were harmed, which is the reason you should not do this yourself. I am a DIY person, I cut down my own tree and almost rented a stump grinder, but the thought of accidentally hitting an underground gas pipe or sewer line changed my mind! These guys only charge a little bit more then the cost of renting the equipment anyway, so just call them.
--Chri P - Martinez, CA--

Nicely done, clean, fast, affordable. In fact, it was less expensive to hire Matt than it would have been for me to rent a stump grinder from Home Depot and do it myself.
--Greg K - Concord, CA--

Matt came out and gave me a quote for the removal of a fairly large stump. I called him a few days later to add another to the job. He was very flexible and was the cheapest quote I received. He did a great job, finished very fast and I would definitely use him again. He does not cart away the pulp left over from the stump but it was great to use as mulch. There were still root pieces left over which I will have to remove but for the price it was a great deal.
--Brittany M. - Emeryville, CA--

Came out chased a few roots out of the ground cleaned up and left no hassle reasonable price great service. We have planted a beautiful lawn where three 70 foot Monterrey pines had taken over the ground with roots. Matt got um all in a couple of hours. 

This is the second time I have used Matt, no nonsense, goes right to work and takes care of the job at hand.
--Tom E. - San Danville, CA--

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