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East Bay Stump Removal

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East Bay Stump Removal

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No longer serving San Mateo, San Francisco or Santa Clara Counties



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Effective 3/1/2018: Kevin retired from the business. We will no longer be serving San Mateo, San Francisco or Santa Clara counties. We thank all of you who put your trust in us and will continue serving the greater East Bay."

Founded in 1978, East Bay Stump Removal, Inc. is the most experienced and most trusted stump grinding company in the Bay Area. It remains a family owned business, operated by Matt Morgenstern. Matt has logged over 30 years in the business.

About East-West Bay Stump Removal

Longevity in business is no accident. It is earned by dedication to quality and customer service. Through periodic economic up swings and down turns, changes and fluctuations in the market and the corrosion of industry standards that increasingly put profits and short cuts above quality and safety, East Bay Stump Removal Inc. has maintained its devotion to quality and service.

Determining and meeting customer needs and providing true value for over 32 years, Matt and Kevin Morgenstern have never put the reputation of their company into the hands of others, but have remained “hands on” throughout their long run in the business. It’s not just business to them, it’s personal. They are both keenly aware of the fact that in business your reputation is your most precious commodity and that it is dependent on your integrity and dedication to quality.

Ultimately, they believe that this can only be insured and maintained by personal involvement by the owners. In short, their attitude is…"The buck stops here”. When they are on your job whether at your home or other properties, you can be sure that they will exhibit the same level of skill, dedication and quality workmanship that they would give working on their own home or property. They are a family business that will make you feel like you are “part of the family.”


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